ebook: The Qedesha - Rafał Kosowski

Fate spares Aberes nothing. After the escape from a night trap set by her husband, she returns to her home city and under an assumed name tries to plan her life. But the past won’t be forgotten. Rejected by her closest family she must face life. She can only count on two faithful friends. And although she has a child, for who she must live and be strong, Aberes can’t cope with difficult choices and skins deeper and deeper in the morass of immorality. A queen becomes a temple prostitute. In the meantime, the country ripens for war. From the south there come disturbing news about successive victories of the army of fugitives from Egypt, who after 40 years of wondering in the desert instantly conquer Transjordan and soon it becomes clear why they have arrived  at the gates of Canaan. An atmosphere of fear grows in Jericho and it brings out the worst in people. For fear of traitors conspiring with the invader, the king spies begin to investigate Aberes’s past. To make things worse, her persecutor, Hetammu arrives in Jericho with his demos and finds the fugitive.

The Qedesha is a story of a power of evil that eventually throws off its mask and gets its victim to debase and destroy her. When all hope vanishes and the future remains unknown behind the closed door, there comes the One for whom nothing is impossible.

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Wydawnictwo: Vocatio ; ilość stron wydania papierowego: 338; data wydania: 2011-1;
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