ebook: The Chosen - Rafał Kosowski

Jericho fell down but the physical liberation failed to give Rachabe the freedom of mind. The former queen, who had lost everything that was dear to her and who in her frenzy had become a promiscuous temple prostitute, now in the camp of Israel realizes she doesn’t deserve a place among the chosen people. God seems too strict and severe for a former prostitute to find grace and new life with Him. She isn’t able to forgive herself the mistakes she has made. She also struggles with the most important question, how could the Almighty let her baby daughter die in the mouth of the idol Molech? In the meantime, the alliance of Canaanite cities mobilises its forces and in the face of the threat from Israel it decides to once for all solve the problem of the rebellious Gibeon and its allies, who stubbornly keep refusing to join the coalition against the armies of the people of Yahweh. The diabolic and uncontrollable Murtekh – the avenger of his brother Hetammu, arrives with his detachment in the area of the conflict to find revenge. There comes the day when the sun will stop in the middle of heavens – the day when Canaan will fall dawn.

The final part of the trilogy of Rafał Kosowski is a story about the power of grace, which becomes the only light and rescue in the face of  immense evil. Despite the darkness all around it works beyond  human reasoning, as the One who knows people’s hearts sees the things differently from any other man.

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Wydawnictwo: Vocatio ; ilość stron wydania papierowego: 300; data wydania: 2011-3;
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